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    Laboratory Products

    This range of Laboratory Products can be accessed in different specifications to suit precise application needs of different research labs. Tubes offered under this category are used during immunological testing and bio-chemical testing procedures. These tubes are also suitable for collecting plasma specimen during coagulation function testing. Some versions of these tubes are also used for determining erythrocyte sedimentation rate. Containers offered as part of this category are used for collecting testing samples. We also provide hand held temperature measurement instruments that promote the concept of measuring body temperature in a non invasive manner. Customers can also avail analyzing apparatus under Laboratory Products.
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    Gel Clot Activator Tube

    Price: 75 USD ($)/Pack

    The Gel & Clot Activator Tubes are used for bio-chemistry and immunological diagnostic tests by laboratories, pathologies and hospitals.

    Product Image (249)

    Bio Chemistry Analyser

    Price: 1000 USD ($)/Unit

    Semi Auto Biochemistry Analyzer.

    Product Image (250)

    Clinical Centrifuge

    Price: 150 USD ($)/Unit

    A modified model of medico centrifuge ideal for medical practitioners, pathological laboratories & Hospitals.

    Product Image (251)

    Coagulation Tube

    Price: 59 USD ($)/Pair

    Coagulation Tubes aims to obtain plasma specimen for coagulation function test.

    Product Image (252)

    Esr Tubes

    Price: 15 USD ($)/Unit

    The erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) is a common hematological test for nonspecific detection of inflammation that may be caused by infection, some cancers and certain autoimmune diseases.

    Product Image (253)

    Fluoride Tube

    Price: 55 USD ($)/Pack

    We are offering a wide ambit of Sodium Fluoride Vacuum Blood Collection Tube.

    Product Image (255)

    Glass Vial

    Price: 25 USD ($)/Unit

    Glass Vial with screw cap and inner stopper - Branded/ Borosilicate Glass

    Product Image (256)

    Immunochromatography Test

    Price: 59 USD ($)/Pack

    Immunochromatographic tests rely principally on the capture of the target antigen (or sometimes antibodies) from various specimens.

    Product Image (257)

    K2 Edta Blood Collection Tube

    Price: 99 USD ($)/Pack

    K2 EDTA Tube

    Product Image (258)

    K2 Edta Vaccum Blood Collection Tube

    Price: 100 USD ($)/Pack

    Used For Clinical Hematology & Blood Banking

    Product Image (259)

    K3 Edta Blood Collection Tube

    Price: 1000 USD ($)/Pack

    K3 EDTA Blood Collection Tube

    Product Image (260)

    K3 Edta Vaccum Blood Collection Tube

    Price: 100 USD ($)/Pack

    K3 EDTA Vaccum Blood Collection Tube

    Product Image (261)

    Laboratory Accessories

    Price: 1000 USD ($)/Unit

    We are offering our customer a wide range of Chemical Lab Equipment.

    Product Image (262)

    Lithium Heparin Vaccum Blood Collection Tubes

    Price: 1000 USD ($)/Pack

    The anticoagulant heparin activates anti-thrombin, thus blocking the coagulation cascade and produces plasma.

    Product Image (263)

    Medical Clot Activator Tube

    Price: 45 USD ($)/Pack

    It is used for Hospital, Laboratory, Clinical

    Product Image (264)

    Micro Pediatric Tube

    Price: 100 USD ($)/Pack

    Micro Pediatric Tube

    Product Image (265)

    Micropipettes Tips

    Price: 25 USD ($)/Unit

    Pipettes and micropipettes are used to measure and deliver accurate volumes of liquid. The difference between the two is that micropipettes measure a much smaller volume, starting at 1 microliter, while pipettes generally start at 1 milliliter.

    Product Image (266)

    Non Vaccum Blood Collection Tube

    Price: 100 USD ($)/Pack

    Non Vacuum Blood Collection Tube.

    Product Image (267)

    Pipetter Tips

    Price: 99 USD ($)/Pack

    Pipette tips, sometimes spelled pipet tips, are used with pipettes and pipettors to speed processing and reduce cross-contamination.

    Product Image (268)

    Plain Blood Collection Tubes

    Price: 115 USD ($)/Pack

    Plain Blood Collection Tubes

    Product Image (269)

    Reagent Strips For Urinalysis

    Price: 150 USD ($)/Pack

    Urine Reagent Strips are firm plastic strips onto which several separate reagent areas are affixed. The test is for the detection of one or more of the following analytes in urine: Leukocytes, Glucose, Ketone (Acetoacetic acid), Bilirubin, Blood, Specific Gravity, Protein, Urobilinogen, Nitrite, Ascorbic Acid, and pH.

    Product Image (270)

    Sodium Citrate Vaccum Blood Collection Tube

    Price: 175 USD ($)/Pack

    Sodium Citrate Vaccum Blood Collection Tube

    Product Image (271)

    Sodium Heparin Tubes

    Price: 275 USD ($)/Pack

    Sodium Heparin Tubes

    Product Image (272)

    Stool Container

    Price: 115 USD ($)/Unit

    This container is designed making use of high quality raw material and pioneered techniques by our talented professionals in sync with the defined industry norms.

    Product Image (273)

    Swab Sticks

    Price: 150 USD ($)/Unit

    hey are commonly used in a variety of applications including first aid, cosmetics application, cleaning, and arts and crafts.

    Product Image (274)

    Digital Thermometer

    Price: 355 USD ($)/Unit

    This is a handheld non-contact digital infrared forehead thermometer.

    Product Image (275)

    Urine Container

    Price: 25 USD ($)/Unit

    120 ml containers designed to use with vacuum tubes.

    Product Image (276)

    Vaccum Blood Collection Tube

    Price: 155 USD ($)/Pack

    Vaccum Blood Collection Tube